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Thanks for visiting the Huey website. We would very much like to hear your comments and suggestions. Please take the time to read and sign our guestbook. Please note that guestbook entries are not added automatically, it may take a few hours for your message to appear.

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Andy Tatton


Entry No: 776 | Posted: Mon 16 Jan 2017, 3:54am

Absolutely brilliant effort to bring to the UK and fly these icons of the Vietnam conflict.

I wish you every success for the future and hope to see these magnificent warbirds again soon.

Thank you for keeping history alive and I can't wait to see the trio of types.

Andrew Ratcliffe

Euxton, Chorley

Entry No: 775 | Posted: Sat 29 Oct 2016, 23:06pm

Great day at the Hangar Open Day today, 29th October. Shame about the weather, but what can you do! At least we still got to see the helicopters fly, eventually, quite laa
te in the day due to the weather. Great too, to meet up with a couple of old friends Mark and Judith, hadn't seen them in years, great to catch up!

charles machin

nottingham, england

Entry No: 774 | Posted: Sun 2 Oct 2016, 2:51am

great helicopter, one of the best, made.



Entry No: 773 | Posted: Sun 2 Oct 2016, 1:58am

I'm a massive fan of the Huey and its history. Your site is now on my favourites list. Keep up the good work guys, your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Leonard De Zeeuw

Portrush, N. Ireland

Entry No: 772 | Posted: Tue 6 Sep 2016, 17:33pm

Thanks for a great flyby and display at the Airwaves air show in Portrush, 2016. I was amazed that here in Portrush, I would find a Huey and a loach. Having been a Vietnam Dustoff pilot, I can attest to the capability and survivability of the Huey. It is and was an awesome machine. Like an old ad says, ' it takes a licking and keeps on ticking.' The Huey saved, not only my life, but the lives of others in very trying conditions. Many thanks to the owner and the guys who presented the Huey and loach at Portrush. Great job!

Carolyn Richardson


Entry No: 771 | Posted: Mon 25 Jul 2016, 20:12pm

Dear Neil, Thank you so much for the personal tour of Huey. It truly made the visit to the Air Show at East Lothian memorable and extra special. You took some great photos! Many thanks and kind regards, Carolyn

gary langston


Entry No: 770 | Posted: Fri 6 May 2016, 16:54pm

just came across your site as was looking for anything HUEY related. and what a site it is fantastic.loved the vids on both the choppers awesome.its also great that we have two vietnam helicopters here in the uk cracking.keep up the good work you are keeping the vets memories alive with these helicopters thank you.
cheers gary.

David Cook


Entry No: 769 | Posted: Mon 7 Dec 2015, 23:43pm

Wishing all at Huey uk.a happy xmas and a prosperous flying!

Alex Fernwalt

Collierville. TN

Entry No: 768 | Posted: Wed 7 Oct 2015, 4:01am

Phil was great finally flying with you and Ron Paye and other members of the 129th. I'm glad you were there to join me Ranier and Gerald for our 50th anniversary since we started with the 129th in Nov. 1965.

Alex Fernwalt
129thAHC 65-68

Paul Birkett

Entry No: 767 | Posted: Mon 28 Sep 2015, 17:21pm

Just wanted to say a big thankyou for your display today at Church Fenton. It was fantastic! We were just as impressed that on our return home (Menston, W. Yorks) we were treated to a second flypast directly over our house as you made your way back to base. The sight and sound was amazing!It took a while to calm my boys back down and get them to bed! Your amazing work in maintaining and displaying these aircraft is appreciated. Once again thankyou to your team. From Paul, Gillian, William and Dexter

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