Huey UH-1H

Bell Huey UH1H Tail Number: 72-21509 G-UH1H


The Flight Team - Nina Johnson

Nina Johnson

Ground Crew


Simon Johnson
Nina Johnson

I have had an interest in military history for most of my life.  Both my grandfathers served in WW1, one with British Army the other with the Belgium Army.  My father served with the Signals in WW2. Years later we bought a WW2 Jeep, an ex British  Army example, in which we got to take my father and father-in-law around Normandy for the 50th anniversary of D-day.  Along with the Jeep we have built up a large collection of uniforms and other military memorabilia.

I remember, as a teenager, watching the news and seeing the heroic actions of the Huey helicopters and their crews evacuating injured soldiers from the battlefields of Vietnam.  Through my husband’s involvement with 509, I too have become part of the team, helping Phil and Jo with their exciting tribute to Vietnam-era fighting men and machines.

It is a lot of fun travelling to events and meeting so many like-minded people. Over the years we have met many Vietnam Veterans and it is a great honour to be able to talk to them and welcome them home.


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