Huey UH-1H

Bell Huey UH1H Tail Number: 72-21509 G-UH1H


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Bell Model 205A-1 Image Downloads
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205A Dual Hydraulic System
Anti-Icing System Airflow
Anti-Torque Control System
Anti-Torque controls
Anti-Torque Controls
Bleed Air Heating and Defrosting System
Cabin Heater
Cargo Suspension Installation
Caution Panel and Indicators
Control Panel AN ARN-83
Control Units x3
Caution Panel
Crew Door
Cyclic Controls
DC Power System
Engine Cowling
Engine Cutaway
Engine Installation, Left Side
Engine Installation, Right Side
Engine Oil System Installation
Engine Orientation Diagram, T5313B
Exploded view of helicopter
External Cargo Suspension Hook
Fire Extinguisher Installation
Flight Idle Stop and Release
Forty-Two Degree Gear Box
Forward Fuselage Skins
Fuel System
Fuel System Schematic
Fuel Systems Schematic
Fuselage Structure Typical
Instrument and Piping Installation
Instrument Markings
Instrument markings
Instrument Panel and Locator
Instumentation, Warning and Control Systems
Internal Rescue Hoist Kit
Interstage Bleed System External Components
Jacking and Leveling Points
Litter Kits
Locating of Servicing Points
Lubrication Chart 2
Lubrication Chart 3
Lubrication Chart
Main Drive Shaft Assembly
Main Rotor Blade
Main Rotor Hub and Blade Assembly
Main Rotor Installation
Main Rotor Mast
Master Caution Panel
Model 205A-1 Helicopter
Overhead Console
Parking and Mooring Points
Passenger or Cargo Door Assembly
Passenger Seats
Pilot's Compartment
Power Control Lever System
Power Train
Power Train System
Power Turbine Governor RPM Controls
Power Turbine Governor RPM Controls
Principle Dimensions - 205A
Rotor Brake Hydraulic System
Skin Landing Gear
Stabilizer Bar
Stabilizer Bar Dampers
Swashplate and Collective Sleeve Installation
Synchronized Elevator
Synchronized Elevator Control Installation
T5313A Overspeed Trip System
Tail Boom Installation
Tail Rotor Drive Shaft Hanger Assembly
Tail Rotor Drive Shaft Installation
Tail Rotor Gear Box
Tail Rotor Hub and Blade Assembly
Tail Rotor Installation
Towing and Groung Handling Provisions
Transmission Cross Section
Transmission Oil System
Transmission Oil System Schematic
Transmission Pylon Mounts
Turbine Engine
Variable Inlet Guide Vane Operation
Windshield Wiper Installation

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