Huey Flight Experience Fly in a Vietnam War Helicopter

We operate the only flying Vietnam Veteran Huey Helicopter in the UK. A flight in this iconic aircraft is an incredible, unique experience!

Huey Flight Experience 2024 Season

As our 2024 season draws nearer, we thought it was time to give you an update.

Huey509 has been into our engineers (UK Aviation Services Ltd) and passed her Annual service with flying colours.

Our flight season will be announced in the next week or so when our pilots have collated their diaries and have availability due to other work commitments.

Our Voucher Holders will be contacted directly by our Sales Team once these dates are in place, followed by our mailing list.

Please do not worry if your voucher expires this year (2024) call the Team and we can amend your Voucher if you cannot make any of the dates provided.

If you have not joined our Mailing List, why don’t you now! Its quick and simple, just complete the form on our contact page and one of our Sales Team will add you to the list. The Flight Experience Dates will then be released on our Social Media pages.

*****Please note….our telephone number has changed and is now 01772 671950 if you wish to speak to one of the Team. Please leave a message if we are unable to answer and we will call you right back*****

Huey Shop Update – T-shirts now in stock

Our new design t-shirts are in stock, the photographs provided for this project of Huey509- UH-IH were courtesy of a fantastic photographer Danny Nixon, taken at Barton Airfield.

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2024 Huey Flight Experience Update

All flights will be with “Doors Open” and have a maximum of 5 passengers onboard. Due to CAA regulations and Health and Safety, all passengers will be wearing a 2 Point Full Body Harness with Steel Buckles attached to the internal points in the aircraft. Full demonstration of the harness and other safety equipment videos will be shown to you along with a full brief on the aircraft and the history of Huey509. Your Crew Master and Pilot will be available to answer any questions you may have.

If you do have any questions in the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact the Huey Sales Team on 01772 671950 or

Office: 01772 671950 Mobile: 07442 886621 Email:


Genuine Vietnam War Helicopter Flights in Lancashire

From our base in Wesham, near Preston Lancashire (just off Junction 3 M55), Huey Helicopter UK offers you a unique, once in a lifetime opportunity to fly in a genuine Bell UH-1H “Iroquois” Vietnam War combat veteran.

This flight experience is available from April to October and includes a minimum of 45 minutes airborne time in the Huey. Each flight is limited to a maximum of 5 people. Access to the Huey Helicopter Hangar is included for you and up to three guests, plus also...

  • A detailed pre-flight briefing including a safety video covering the aircraft, safety equipment and procedures.
  • Approximately 10 minutes on board during the pre flight checks and shutdown procedure.
  • Minimum 45 minutes airborne in our genuine combat-veteran Huey: feel the vibration, hear the iconic sound of the blades and enjoy the experience of a lifetime!
  • A signed flight certificate.
  • Plenty of time for photo opportunity.
Please consult the the Safety Standards Acknowledgement and Consent (SSAC) document available on flying in ex-military aircraft, download here.

06-05-1957 to 20-05-2023 Simon Johnson

It is with great sadness and heavy hearts that we tell you that Simon Johnson, Huey Crewmaster, passed away on Saturday 20th May in Bolton Hospital with his wife Nina and son Bradley by his side.

From Capt Phil and Jo Connolly
“The first time I met Simon was in June 2005. I had received a call from the BBC as they knew about the Huey coming to the UK and wanted their newsroom guys in on the action. They explained that one of their guys, Simon Johnson, knew a lot about WW2, militaries and aviation so I spoke to Simon on the phone and realised he only lived 20 mins from me. We got together and that was the start of our relationship. In fact Simon was the instigator of getting members of the 129th AHC in the US over to the UK for the BBC filming which was a huge, memorable and humbling occasion which also kickstarted the lasting friendship that we have with those guys. Lots of great memories with Simon of Air Show attendances, flights in Huey and the Loach, hanger events, trips to the US including reunions with the 129th Veterans….. usually (always!) with a whiskey and a laugh. Simon was a wealth of information, a good craic and he will be greatly missed by Jo and I and everyone who was lucky to know him”

From Capt Neil and Heather Airey
"Simon was there when Huey509 came to land in the UK and me Phil and Simon have certificates from the 129th ASLTHEL honorary brothers as he travelled over with us to the USA, he was our first crew chief and with his filming skills he really paved the way for Huey509 to be seen and heard (of course) here in the UK and on the internet around the world. Up until 2022 Simon was a very active member always in green and we never saw him in anything else, trundling to events in his Jeep. He loved attending the Normandy event with Nina. His son Bradley branched out and now has his own military vehicles following in his dads’ footsteps and attends our open days as one of the reenactors. Simon always had a sense of humour and he and I ended up sharing a bed one night when we got weathered in near Dumfries. We spend the night at the mercy of the very kind locals until the weather cleared the next day.

We will miss him immensely."

From Capt Dick and Tracey Barton
"I met Simon almost 10 years ago when I joined the Huey team to fly the Loach. He was ever enthusiastic and loved aviation and the Vietnam era and was especially fond of the Huey. From the outset he made me incredibly welcome and I had the pleasure of flying him many times in the Loach. Portrush was the highlight of our trips away and I vividly remember him struggling into the immersion suit and life jacket. Once suited up the contortions that we both went through squeezing into the tiny cockpit had us laughing nervously about how or even if we'd get out if we ditched. Fortunately, we didn't and flying those long trips with him was a delight. He loved role playing and dressing in all the gear and he was never happier than when in fatigues - his enthusiasm for all things military, air or ground, was infectious. I'll remember him as enthusiastic, knowledgeable and generous in equal measure. But above all I'll remember him as a kind friend whose company I enjoyed very much."

The Helicopter The History OF THE HUEY

The Bell UH-1H is generally considered to be the most widely used helicopter in the world. It was used extensively by the US military.  First produced in the late 1950s it became synonymous with the Vietnam War, used for the transportation of ground crew and equipment, evacuation of casualties and as air assault gunships...Read More.

Our Huey Huey '509'

Huey 509 was purchased by the US Army in 1972 and joined the 129th Assault Helicopter Company in Vietnam in July 1972. Records show she flew 559 combat hours before returning to the US in 1973. Between 1973 and 1996 she served with the Army National Guard, US Army Troop support and Aviation Readiness Command, the USARASF and was sent to the Aerospace Maintenance Central facility in Arizona in 2000....Read More.

Meet the Team Our Pilots


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