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Bell Huey UH1H Tail Number: 72-21509 G-UH1H


Ops Admin for Huey 509 Team - Becky Pickford

Becky Pickford

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PA to Phil Connolly and Ops Admin for the Aircraft Team

Becky Pickford

I have worked for Phil since January 2007 and my role within MSS Holdings (UK) Ltd is 'PA to the Managing Director' and to the Huey team is 'Ops Admin'. For Ops Admin I provide the administrative support for Huey 509 and the Huey Team. The duties are wide and varied and there is rarely a quiet moment! For events, airshows, bookings etc I liase between Phil / Huey Team and the Event Organiser from when the request is received until the event is over ensuring that all the relevant documentation for Pilots and Aircraft, permissions, press releases/promotion and Pilots brief are in place prior to the event.

It’s not often that I attend an event…...I leave that side of operations to the Huey Crew …..but if I am around for a local event I’ll go down as Ground Crew to help out with crowd management for take off and landing of Huey 509 and I’ll stick Huey stickers on anyone who comes near me.  The photo on the right is me working hard on a bacon sandwich at Lytham Club Day 08!  My husband, Tony, (to my right) will often attend as well to support the Huey Crew.

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General admin behind the scenes is everything from maintaining the Pilots’ and aircrafts documentation to liaising with the CAA regarding documentation for the organisation. 

We also have this comprehensive website and I need to ensure the Guestbook is maintained, that any Huey enquiries are replied to and that the Newsletters provided by the Pilots after the events are edited and uploaded by our IT dept with relevant photographic evidence.

We have the website’s online shop (and also an EBay shop) for Huey merchandise (well worth a visit with your credit card!) so orders need to be processed, product queries answered, stock control and stock to events is maintained and new stock items are sourced.

Other than that, I try to keep the crew updated with ‘what’s new’ with them being spread out either ‘Ooop North’ or ‘Darn Saarff’ - for example we didn’t want anyone to miss out on Neil Airey’s Calendar Fame!

Worst aviation moment:   /   Best aviation moment:

I’ll have to put these two together as they were the same although it really has to lean more to BEST……. 


Unfortunately I am not the bravest flyer so when Phil gave me two minutes notice for my first flight as Ops Admin/Crew in Huey 509 I was absolutely taken aback!  “I can’t go in that helicopter” I said ………next minute I find I am sat in the back of 509 with the safety belts being fastened, headset placed on my head and given my safety brief by the lovely Capt Neil Airey. 

I was terrified which wasn’t helped by my very amusing boss coming up to the helicopter door and doing the sign of the cross to me (thanks very much Mr Connolly!).    Apparently the Huey Crew have never known me to be so quiet or to look so frightened.  I was shaking like a leaf during the pre-flight checks and when 509 took off my heart was in my mouth……………………………….


…………………….. WOW….what an experience… was completely brilliant!  It is fantastic flying in 509 and the flight was so smooth for an old bird (that’s Huey 509 not me!!)  I’ve never been in a helicopter before so I can’t compare to others but it was just great fun!  I was still grinning days later.

HOWEVER, it has to be said that there is another reason for my first flight in Huey 509 being the BEST moment.  My Pilot for this flight was ‘Mr Ron Paye’, (seen here to my right) - Vietnam Veteran of the 129th, Ex Marine and Retired US Army Pilot and general all round absolute Mr Charmer!  What an honour.


Other interests:

Meeting my heroes! scan0006.jpg Lapland Dec 08 Email 1.jpg

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Travelling/holidays (wherever there is sun!), DIY (not by choice….it’s what happens when you buy a Victorian property), Socialising, eating chocolate…..sweets…..more chocolate……

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