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Latest News >Transport Mania at Kirkland & Catterall School

Kirkland & Catterall St.Helen's C of E Primary School


Held on Wednesday 17th March 2010

Organised by:
Miss Wrathall
K3 (Y2/3)
Mrs Prest
K2 (Y1/2)

A big thank you to the Headteacher, Mrs Price, the Staff and the Pupils at Kirkland & Catterall Primary School for inviting Huey 509 and Crew to take part in their ‘Transport Mania’ Day.  We really enjoyed our visit.

A Huey Newsletter for the event will follow shortly however in the meantime, please see all the wonderful cards and drawings that the children have sent to us.

Click on cards to view large version.

Class K2 Years 1-2 Ages 5-7

Class K3 Years 2-3 Ages 6-8


Class K5 Years 5-6 Ages 9-11