Huey UH-1H

Bell Huey UH1H Tail Number: 72-21509 G-UH1H



Reference Number : BELL UH1H 72 - 21509

The photos below show the BELL UH1H 72 - 21509 in its sad condition as it was at the storage depot location prior to starting the project.

You will be able to monitor the progress of the restoration through the rest of the photos.

Restoration started in 2003 after the agreed purchase of the helicopter from the owners.

The helicopter at that time was in storage at NW helicopters in Seattle and on our initial visit had appeared to have been used as a donor aircraft for spares for other helicopters.

"The photos show this"

All the restoration work has been carried out by Brian Reynolds and his excellent team of engineering staff who have done a fantastic job.

The man who deserves a medal in all of this is 'Marvin Kottman' who has been given the unfortunate job of having to negotiate the export license for "an ex-military helicopter"

This is not an easy job and is a task that has not to be taken light heartedly.

"Thanks Marvin"

"Anyway, back to the project in hand"


Restoration Photographs

BELL UH1H 72 - 21509 and another UH1H awaiting their fate!

BELL UH1H 72 - 21509 showing the missing tail boom, side inspection panel and main rotor gear box.

BELL UH1H 72 - 21509 showing the missing tail boom and engine

BELL UH1H 72 - 21509 co-pilots view of the dismantled electrical bay and instrumental panel "Not a pretty sight"

BELL UH1H 72 - 21509 The passenger area, sorry! "The trash can". Complete with mattress, plastic bags, tin cans and scrap.

BELL UH1H 72 - 21509 A better view of the passenger area.

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